EIPro provides a powerful toolset designed to bring insightful data to front-line supervisors and analysts

Visualize percentile measurements

A specialized UI is offered
to communicate officers’
respective positioning in
relation to that of their peers.

Dashboard as filtered gateway to information

Clicking on a graphical element (bar, pie
segment etc.) allows users to quickly get
to the underlying detail information

Identifiying outliers

Yellow coloring allows users to quicly identify
out-of-standard indicators for officers
within their area of purview. Color intensity
communicates degree of out-of-standard in
relation to the filtered data available.

Officer card

The bright yellow incident type “buckets”
indicate that, in comparison with his peers, the
officer has a greater number of involvements in
incidents. Clicking on a “bucket” provides drill-
down to the underlying incidents

Heat map analytics of force contact points

A comparison of contact points for specified force used
by an officer (left-hand figures) can be compared to
those of the defined peer-group (right-hand figures)

Real Time Redaction

Designed to be fully configurable; administrators
can add or remove incident types surfaced
to users, and further configure redaction of
specified incident information.