High Availability EI

A next generation early intervention platform for front-line supervisors and analysts

1. High Availability

Information is available whenever required on a wide variety of digital
platform. Peer group and aggregation analytics are performed in real-time.

2. Real-Time

Data sourced from IAPro, BlueTeam and incoming feeds from
external systems that is surfaced is fresh and reflects present state.
Peer group analysis is done without bias.

3. Filtered

Filtering is configurable, with a wide range of settings that can be
applied by type of critical incident. Configuration is designed to meet
customer-specific security, workflow and policy requirements.

When I‘m checking up on someone I need to have up-to-date data available immediately.
I want to have one place where I can go and see the whole picture.
How soon can Professional Standards get that information to us?

Data Sources

EIPro offers a consolidated view of data sourced from a variety of systems, in addition to information directly entered via IAPro and BlueTeam Professional Standards software applications.

  • Use-of-force
  • Show-of-force
  • Forced entry
  • Firearm discharge
  • K9 utilization
  • K9 deployment
  • On-duty injury
  • Lost/stolen equipment
  • Excessive sick leave
  • Excessive leave balance
  • Elevated use of time off
  • Excessive overtime
  • High risk crime report
  • Potential stress incident
  • Traffic stop
  • Pedestrian stop
  • Citizen complaint
  • Internal investigation
  • Citizen contact
  • Vehicle pursuit
  • Employee involved accident
  • Citation
  • Discretionary arrest

Web based

EIPro is web-based, providing
access to the software from
anywhere on your organization’s
secure network. Practically
all modern web browsers are
supported. Contact CICAD
Technologies for the official list
of supported versions.

Mobile and touch-ready

Attention is being given to
ensure the accessibility of EIPro
using non-traditional devices.
Users will find the software just
as easy to use from their tablet
or mobile device as from their
desktop web browser.

Database driven

Behind the scenes, EIPro uses
the same industry standard
relational databases used by
IAPro and BlueTeam to store
its data.

In addition to referrals from co-workers and supervisors, as well as employees themselves, data-driven approaches are utilized to identify issues and determine appropriate response.

With the active involvement of front line supervisory and command staff being critical to the effectiveness of an EI program, there needs to be a means to quickly provide information to front-line supervisors without compromising sensitive investigations or other data.

Early intervention is a dynamic and evolving area used large and small organizations. Use it in your organization to identify critical indicators and performance issues.